Profit vs. Responsibility

Again, Another point I would like to add are the ratings given to each game. During the purchasing process, CanGo has the ability to ask for I.D information to
verify age. Sales might drop slightly because of the additional requirement but the company heads can now sleep well at night, knowing their products are
purchased correctly.
If ethical business practices did not work, magazines like Forbes would not suggest purchasing the stock or creating a list of the top 100 ethical companies.
With my thinking, if a company is unethical/irresponsible in their business practices, what makes us think they treat investors differently?


Provide an example of what team performance readiness might look like at various readiness levels.

marketing information systems

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Marketing information system can be very useful for distribution in terms of operations, managing, and formulating strategies on several aspects.
What are the implications of not using marketing information system in distribution?

Managers and the Legal Environment 1 answer below »

Robert agreed to buy Charlie’s business for $500,000, including the building, fixtures, supplies and inventory. As part of the agreement, Charlie agreed not to
compete with Robert in the local community for a period of three years. At the same time, Robert knew that a former manager at Charlie’s place, Pat, had
retired, but might want to re-enter the market as a competitor to Robert now that he’s bought Charlie’s place. To prevent that re-entry by Pat, Robert agreed
to pay Pat $50,000 to not compete with him for a period of three years. Robert reasoned that three years would give him a chance to establish his own
reputation in the community, and he could thereafter withstand any challenge by Charlie or Pat reentering the local market.

Are these actions taken by Robert enforceable contracts?


The contracts with both Charlie and Pat are enforceable.

The contract with Charlie is enforceable, but the contract with Pat is not.


The contract with Charlie is unenforceable , but the contract with Pat is enforceable.


The contracts with both Charlie and Pat are unenforceable.

“Strategic Role of Employees”

Select a company that you believe uses its employees to achieve a competitive advantage. Discuss how the employees effectively execute the strategy and how the
company can sustain this position over time?

dis question 1 answer below »

what steps could a company take to avoid making product design and marketing mistakes when introducing new consumer products into Brazil?

Operations Management

Suppose you are using a chase strategy without inventory and back orders (shortages). In chase strategy you have to meet the demand in every
period using regular time production, overtime production and subcontracting. There are 40 workers in each period. When demand is less than the regular time
production capacity, you produce only the number of units that are demanded and some of the workers may remain idle. You do not hire and fire workers. How much
is the total unused capacity (number of units)?

dis question 1 answer below »

why do you think many managers are surprised by environmental changes and hense are less able to help their organziations adapt?

“Innovation Applied”

Type your question here Create one innovative approach that is not discussed in the textbook for increasing the amount of innovation within a large company.
Describe this approach in detail and explain how companies could benefit from i

Find the optimal order quantity. 1 answer below »

Must use Excel for solution

Zip Games purchases blank 3.5-inch disks onto which it copies its software for sale through its mail order operation. A disk costs Zip $.20. Processing an
order for more disks cost $15. Zip uses 60000 disks annually, and the company has a 25% cost of capital.

a. Find the optimal order quantity.

b. How many orders are placed annually?

c. How frequently will orders be placed?