Unit 3

Understand the views and goals of the two best-known black leaders of the turn-of-the-twentieth century U.S.:  Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois.  You will do this by writing an editorial supporting one of the men from a specific historical perspective.  This assignment will help you practice the skills of comparison, analyzing evidence, and argumentation, as well as become more familiar with black history and progressivism in the early twentieth century.

Documents for analysis: 

Booker T. Washington, “Atlanta Compromise” (1895), http://historymatters.gmu.edu/d/39/ .

W.E.B. DuBois, “Of Mr. Booker T. Washington and Others” (1903), http://historymatters.gmu.edu/d/40 (also, see the excerpts that are available in this submodule).


  • First, read both documents carefully, along with pp. 617-619 in the textbook.
  • Second, create a persona and perspective from which to write.  Some suggestions are:
    • a black southern sharecropper.
    • a white Atlanta businessman.
    • a black, female domestic worker in Atlanta.
    • a black 17-year-old living in Harlem.
  • Write an editorial (300-400 words, or more than 1 page and less than 2) in support of DuBois OR Washington from your persona to one of the following newspapers:
    • Chicago Defender – the leading black newspaper of the day.
    • Atlanta Journal – Atlanta daily newspaper; championed the “New South”; very conservative on race.
    • Atlanta Independent – black weekly newspaper published in Atlanta.

In your editorial, include

  • a brief introduction (2-3 sentences) of your character
  • state at least two (2) reasons why you (as your character) support your chosen leader
  • and at least one (1) reason you believe the other leader’s ideas are flawed.
  • Bring in at least one direct quote from each primary source.

In other words, you are comparing the two men, but ultimately supporting one over the other as having the best vision for black Americans, ca. 1903.

In Which African Kingdom Were Women Able To Achieve A Relatively High Status Compared To Women In Other Regions Of…

In which African kingdom were women able to achieve a relatively high status compared to women in other regions of Africa?

Read the two chapters and answer the questions and write the page number next to the answer of where you get the answer. use quotes if you copyed from the text.

Chicano Help

Compare And Contrast What Red Stick And White Dove Have Learned From The Experiences Of The Aztecs And The Arawak

Compare and contrast what Red Stick and White Dove have learned from the experiences of the Aztecs and the Arawak

MLA Format And 10points Times New Roman 1.5 Sentence Space. I Need 5pages For Essay. And I Have Use Three Examples…

MLA format and 10points times new roman 1.5 sentence space. I Need 5pages for essay. and I have use three examples which is in textbook (clash of cultures ; author- brian fagan)

I am a international student and he will find out if the essay is so good. so i want you to consider that. due is until tomorrow 10am.

essay is about Colonialism.

Q1) Imagine the western world without it. If so, how things would be different (pros/cons)

Q2) If exchange must occur, how can it occur without colonialism or can it?

Art History – Art Appreciation Exam


I have an art history/art appreciation exam that I need assistance on.

I have attached it.



First Short Written Assignment:

The student will read a chapter by Plutarch on either Caesar, Cicero, or Cleopatra in his Antony chapter.

These chapters can be found online by putting in for your search Plutarch-Lives of Noble Grecians and

Romans (web address: ebooks.adelaide.edu.au/p/plutarch/lives). The website usually pops right up in

your first or second search result. Click into the website and scroll to Table of Contents and click on it. A

lot of chapters show up and you just read the one of the aforementioned three.

After reading the chapter, you answer one 

of two questions that you’ll find in the first file we used in the

course titled Quiz on Prehistory/Ancient Near East. The questions are the second item in the file just

after the practice quiz. You answer the one question depending on which chapter you read. If the Caesar

chapter, answer question 1; if the Cicero chapter, answer question 2. If you read about Cleopatra in the

Antony chapter, answer question 1, just changing the name from Caesar to Cleopatra in it.

Your answer should be about a half to a page in length. It can be longer, but not shorter. It can be typed

or hand written, double spaced if typed and single spaced if hand written. You must provide at least 2

short quotations from the chapter to support your answer. You need only cite the web address in

parantheses following the quotation the first time you quote and need not keep on citing it after each

subsequent quotation. Do not provide your quotations and examples from just the first few pages of the

chapter. Do not copy somebody else’s answer. In over 20 years, I’ve seen them all.  

Here are the two questions:

1. What does Plutarch seem to think of Caesar? Does he provide any evidence that could be used to formulate an opinions of Caesar different than his ? How would you rate Plutarch as a historian in terms of objectivity and insight?

2. What does Plutarch view as strengths and weaknesses of Cicero ? What motives does he attribute to Cicero ? What kinds of things does Plutarch like to focus on in his writing of history ?

Compare/Contrast Langston Hughes And Alice Walker

Choose  and compare and contrast Alice Walker and Langston Hughes’s narrative tone, style, and theme using the attached readings; please respond in a five-paragraph APA essay format with quotes, proper in-text citations, and references.  

Please be sure to include the following in your assignment submission:

  1. Write a formal, 5-paragraph essay in APA format, in response to this question. Base your answer on your own observations and support your assertions quoting from your assigned readings.
  2. Read the assigned readings. Highlight quotes, summarize, or paraphrase from this week’s readings and be sure to include an in-text citation in proper APA format (Author, year, p. X).
  3. Include three quotes from our readings. When you discuss literature, it is all about the words before you. They are yours to consider and reflect on. You will want to make a strong assertion and prove it, or support it, by quoting from the readings. Include three quotes in our essay.
  4. Create a strong thesis for your essay. A thesis states your main idea in a sentence. A sample thesis (which you are free to use) might be: Toni Morrison and Alice Walker are both award-winning authors that share a similar theme, yet they differ greatly in voice, dialogue, and characterization.
  5. Be sure to include an APA reference page. .

DISCUSSION BOARD – George III’s Letter On The Loss Of America

What is his main theme in the letter? What is his determination about the results of the war in terms of commerce? How does the letter differ from what you would expect the monarch of a country that has just lost an important part of its empire to be concerned with? Do you agree with his judgments? Why or Why not?



Explain how popular culture has “no fixed forms”.

What does this mean?

Given the problematic nature of studying popular culture, because it is largely based on the tastes or favoritisms of social groups, we will discuss the ever-changing nature of popular culture. Give examples, in your own words, of how popular culture underwent major shifts during the postwar era, using chapters 1 and 5 from your textbook, and the selected library readings as a guide.