SOC 105 Strayer University Wk 2 Society and Media Journal Entry


  1. Write a 1-page journal entry (approximately 250 words) in which you:
    1. Discuss three experiences with mass media (movies or television) that affected you positively or negatively, explaining when, how, and why.
    2. Complete the page/word amount requirement.
    3. Write with clarity, following mechanics and formatting requirements.
    4. Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, your name, your professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page is not included in the required assignment page length
    5. The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:
      • Explain the influence of information accessibility through different forms of media on individual and social norms.

Theoretical Orientation Paper



Theoretical Orientation Paper

Your 5-8 page theoretical orientation paper is designed as a process paper on which to build your personal counseling theory and personal counseling style. Specifically, this paper will provide an opportunity to integrate aspects of the theories learned this semester with your developing theoretical orientation. I will be using Vericite. If your paper shows a high percentage of plagiarism, you will receive a zero for this assignment. An explanation of the specific requirements for the content of the paper is included below.

  • Content
    • My Personal Counseling Theory
      • Discuss your personal counseling theory. Next, discuss how your personal approach is informed by the existing theories you explored throughout the semester. In particular, you are asked to name and describe existing theoretical orientations that inform your personal theory (e.g., Client-centered, Existential, Cognitive-Behavioral, Psychoanalytic, Reality, Gestalt, REBT, etc.).
      • Be specific about what elements of the existing theoretical orientations relate to your personal theory. You may select one or two theories; however, all elements must be supported and adequately referenced. As this is the beginning of your counseling journey, focus on one or two theories that resonate with you.
    • How Client Problems Originate
      • From your theoretical position, describe how client problems originate. Be specific and use examples to illustrate your perspective.
      • For example, do problems stem from client beliefs? The way people think? Feelings? Unconscious forces? Chemical imbalances in the brain? Issues related to family of origin? The way people view themselves, others, their lives? In terms of the BETA model used in your textbook— does one’s Background, Emotions, Thoughts, and/or Actions cause client problems? Be specific in your description and discussion.
    • How Clients Are Best Helped
      • Describe your view of how clients are best helped in the counseling process. This must be related to your personal perspective (e.g., “This is how I would approach working with clients . . .” “I would . . .” etc.).
      • Be specific with techniques and interventions and justify your rationale. Use brief examples to illustrate your position. Specifically, you are asked to discuss how your approach is supported (or not) by the existing theories’ techniques and interventions and/or research.

University of Kentucky Network Security Controls Recommendations Paper


Network Security Controls Recommendations


Due to the Always Fresh expansion, management wants additional network controls to protect their growing network.


Consider the Windows servers and workstations in the domains of a typical IT infrastructure. Based on your understanding of network security controls, recommend at least four possible controls that will enhance the network’s security. Focus on ensuring that controls satisfy the defense in depth approach to security.

Summarize your network security controls in a summary report to management. You must provide rationale for your choices by explaining how each control makes the environment more secure. formatted summary report with proper grammar, spelling,and punctuation.

Jawaharlal Nehru Technology University Information Technology Organization Paper


Topic: Conduct a literature review on information governance and how it is applied to an Information Technology organization, review the literature on Information Governance planning and discuss problems and gaps that have been identified in the literature. You will expand on the issue and how researchers have attempted to examine that issue by collecting data – you are NOT collecting data, just reporting on how researchers did their collection.

As you read the literature, it will become apparent that there are multiple issues, pick one issue that stands out in the literature and agree on that as a Team to address that.


*****************Leave it Blank***********************

Table of contents: 

Use a Microsoft Enabled Table of Contents feature.


Describe the issue, discuss the problem, and elaborate on any previous attempts to examine that issue.

Research Questions:

In your identified problem area that you are discussing, what were the research questions that were asked?


What approach did the researcher use, qualitative, quantitative, survey, case study? Describe the population that was chosen.

Data Analysis:

What were some of the findings, for example, if there were any hypotheses asked, were they supported?


What was the conclusion of any data collections, e.g., were research questions answered, were hypotheses supported?


Here you can expand on the research and what the big picture means, how do the results found in the literature review help organizations in the Information Technology strategy planning. What do you see as long-term impacts and what further research could be done in the field?

West Coast University Statistics Worksheet



a) State hypotheses and describe the parameter (p)

b) Calculate the test statistic

c) Draw and shade the curve

d) Calculate the p-value

e) State result

f) Write conclusion in context of the problem

Please show your work and explain your answers

AMU Role of Service Orientation for Architecture Aspect of Networked E Business Essay

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With a minimum of 300 words, Discuss the role of service orientation for the architecture aspect of networked e-business using APA format and correctly sighting using APA.

Interview with a Probation Officer Paper


Term Paper Assignment

You are expected to complete and turn in a term paper based on an interview with a person who has been involved in the criminal justice system. You will be expected to broach several topics during the interview.  The focus of your paper are the following sections:

1)   How is the interviewee involved with the CJ system and was brought them there (i.e., what made 

them go into CJ if it’s a career).

2)   Discuss crime control vs. due process models.  This means you may have to educate the 

interviewee on what those terms mean.  

3)   Does the CJ system lean more toward the crime control or the due process models, in the 

interviewee’s opinion.

4)   Is the system okay, or does it need to shift from the model the person believes the system leans 

toward to the opposite side (i.e. if they say it leans toward crime control, should it move toward 

due process).  

5)   If the interviewee feels it needs to shift, how can that be done.  

6)   Based on the interviewee’s answers, how do you feel about the system.  If it needs to shift, how 

can that be done.  

Interviewee ideas (not an exhaustive list):  Attorneys, judicial assistants, court reporters, bailiffs, police 

officers, correctional officers, probation officers, criminal psychologists, judges, criminal defendants, victims

Human Rights Discussion


 assess the effectiveness of Human Rights (laws, agreements, and enforcement) for seventy years.  How well has the global Human Rights regime performed until now?  Has the world been made safe from the possibility of repeating the many atrocities of the 20th century?  Or have Human Rights failed to live up to their true potential? 


University of Phoenix PSY 420 Theories of Behavior Paper


You will be completing a self-management project in Week 5. Your topic needs to be approved by your instructor to ensure it is behavioral, measurable, and objectively defined; it will help you select an appropriate topic and make you think about how to operationally define behavior.
Review the Week 5 assignment, Signature Assignment: Self-Management Paper.
Choose a target behavior that you would like to work towards for this project. Narrow your target as much as possible to get away from multiple variables you would be responsible for regarding setting the baseline and measuring progress.
Write a 350- to 525-word reflection on your chosen target behavior. Ensure you:

Describe the target behavior in observable and measurable terms.

  1. Identify the methods that will be used to observe and acquire baseline data on this behavior.

Explain why you chose this behavior. 

Include References. 

**************************************The topic chosen is increase water intake

Coquitlam College Quebec Independence Discussion

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1 question Discuss the different viewpoints in support of or against separatism. Choose either Marcel Chaput or Peter Nesbitt Thomson’s article posted on MyCC. Your answer should provide a summary of their arguments and should be between 200-300 words.

2 question 2) Quebec held two referendums in 1980 and 1995. If you were French-Canadian living in Quebec during this period, how would you have voted? Explain.