UCM Product Idea and Search Engines Electronic Marketing Paper


1. Develop a product service idea.

A. Describe the product/service including the benefits of using the product/service

B. Discuss the potential customers for this product/service

2. Based on the nature of the product/service, recommend at least 3 possible ways to market the product electronically. Your suggestions must include at least one search engine. Describe your recommendations and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

And Can you also please provide two general replies(each of 150 words)

post1:The product service idea which I want to develop is the Catering Services application. There are huge number of caterers available in the market. Caterers may be of different types such as the full-service catering and mobile catering services. But the people are not aware of the caterers in the market. I would like to develop an application and bring all the caterers to one platform. This will be different from yelp as yelp has more of the restaurant information. The host finds difficulty in booking the catering services for any occasion. By logging into the application, they can see the ratings of the caterers and the menu available. They can also order for the food taste before hiring them.The marketing of the product is not an easy task. It seems simple but there are many aspects to be considered. The electronic marketing is becoming popular now-a-days. The people prefer electronic marketing. There must be huge amount of money to be spent to market the products. A proof of concept prototype has to be established. A sign-up page must be created. It must be available of Facebook, Instagram, Google and other social media. There must be simple subscription form. The customers must not be annoyed by the emails. Its better to take the permission before the emails are being sent. Make the ads creative and innovative to attract the customers. Google is the platform for all the e-marketing. The organization must appear in the Google search frequently. Make the titles informative. The meta description must be unique and must be less than 200 characters. Pay per click is a model to direct the traffic to websites. The advertisers pay when the ad is clicked on. Video marketing is the other type. It is the fastest growing area. YouTube or other social media can be used to upload the videos. Content marketing refers to the articles, posts, videos and images that are found in the web page.ReferencesHenshell, R.7ways to use the internet for marketing. Retrieved from https://www.business2community.com/digital-marketi…

post2:The product idea I want to develop is cleaning services online application which will allow the local cleaners or cleaning services to put their services availability on the application/website and the customers to connect with cleaners as per their availability and the rates. Just like Uber which connects drivers and riders, the application will connect professional cleaners with customers. Customers can communicate directly with the cleaners and discuss their work order. Customers will subscribe to the application based on the application package or one-time order fee. The application will also include a language setting that will remove potential language barrier and smooth communication. The benefit of this product service will allow local cleaners and professional cleaning services to connect directly with customers. The local cleaners do not need to invest in marketing themselves or putting effort in creating their own website to find customers. The customers do not need to spend hours on facebook or craigslist or other website to find cleaning services. Since this application is niched on cleaning services, customers will be easily able to find the nearest local cleaners as and when required. The potential customers for these would be homeowners, apartment owners, renters or event management services.The various possible ways to market the product electronically are as follows:1.     Google search – By paying for SEO (search engine optimization) will allow the company to be able to list their services in the first page of google based on the keyword search. This will increase traffic to the application. The disadvantage of these would be that competitors will also be able to see your services easily allowing them to gauge in to your product services. Also, there can be increase in number of spam activities due to easy visibility.2.     Advertisement of social media – Based on google search, ads can be enabled on social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. allowing the same viewers to view your products and services easily. Social media platforms are overcrowded with ads which can work against the ideal purpose of advertisement turning away the potential customer. It is possible that the same ad space will be shared by large competitors with huge ad budget.3.     Partnering with credit card companies – Partnering with credit card companies will allow the product services to be advertised on popular credit companies along with the discount that the members can avail. The disadvantage is target audience will be limited to those credit cards turning off customers who do not possess cards of those companies.References:Mott, A. (2019). Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing. Retrieved from https://smallbusiness.chron.com/advantages-disadvantages-social-media-marketing-21890.html10 Ways to Promote a New Product or Services. (2019). Retrieved from https://thrivehive.com/9-ways-to-promote-a-new-product-or-service/Kuligowski, K. (2019). How to Turn Your Idea Into a Product (and Launch It!). Retrieved from https://www.businessnewsdaily.com/8773-turn-your-idea-into-a-product.html

BUSN 620 Central Texas College Amazon Organizational Values Discussion


Our main topic for this week is corporate culture. Every organization adheres to certain cultural values. Sometimes they are obvious, sometimes not. Frankly, some values are good and some are not. Can you identify and comment on organizational values you have seen. How do you know the organization really believes in these values? Have any values changed? Can you be sure the entire organization has moved in the new direction?

part 2

Student one:

As we read in our lesson, “The process of developing a strategic plan and determining what needs to be done to achieve an organization’s goals and objectives is known as strategy formulation” (Executing a Strategic Plan, 2020). This must be done with any business or you will fail. Not having a plan in place and just conducting business day to day and hoping for the best isn’t the best idea. Without a plan in place will really leave you fight for ever little scrap you get and hopefully you’ll get lucky enough to make it for a while.

Organizational values are what really matters the most, it carriers the most value to the employees and owners of any company or organizational group. Every company that has been successful have a set of company values to guide them and their employees in getting where they want both owners and employees want to go. It’s basically the heart of what the company stands for, it lets everyone know what they stand for (Meier, 2015).

I’ll use Walmart as an example, their organizational In Walmart’s website, it starts out by stating that “Culture is the foundation of everything we do at Walmart” (Culture, 2020). Walmart sets 4 values across the organization, Service to the Customer, Respect for the Individual, Strive for Excellence and Act with Integrity. I shop at Walmart for almost everything. At my particular Walmart. I do see these values when I shop. Could they do better, yes. However, I have gone to other Walmart’s where the place is a mess, there is no service to the customer and it doesn’t seem that anyone strive to do anything but slack off. I blame management at each location to push these values and to make sure they “hire great” and not just hire warm bodies.

Walmart’s are everywhere and at each store you visit, you can see banners all across their store that their value proposition is based on offering everyday low pricing, which in turn becomes their business model (Business Model, 2020).

Thank you for reading, I hope you have a great rest of your week.


Business Model. (2020). Retrieved from Lawaspect.com: https://apus.brightspace.com/shared/elf/busn620/le…

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Student two:

When it comes to corporate values, no one does it quite like Johnson & Johnson. Johnson & Johnson has an extensive credo which explains what is important to them, and how they plan to stick to their values. Their credo (mounted in large print in the entrance of their offices) states that their “first responsibility is to the patients, doctors and nurses, to mothers and father and all others who use our products and services” (“Our Credo,” 2018). They are dedicated to doing what is best for their customers, and ensuring that everyone feels confident in the quality of their products.

Johnson & Johnson really showed their dedication to their values and corporate responsibility during the Tylenol Murders in the 1980s. In 1982, there was a series of Tylenol capsules that were laced with cyanide. A total of seven people died from the original poisoning, and there were a few more deaths due to copycat murders. As a response to the tampered with products, Johnson & Johnson pulled every single bottle of Tylenol off of their shelves. In an attempt to make sure their customers felt safe to use their medicines again, they instituted the tamper-proof packaging that we see on almost every medication today.

Since their first responsibility is those who use their products, they did a brilliant job ensuring their customers were safe. Despite it being shown that the tampered products were isolated to the one pharmacy in Chicago, Johnson & Johnson gave consumers piece of mind by pulling all of their bottles off of their shelves. It is one thing to say that their first responsibility is to their customers, it is another to scrap millions of dollars worth of product and more into research and development of new packaging in order to protect their customers. I believe that Johnson & Johnson is a perfect example of actually living by their corporate values. Consumers and shareholders can have confidence that if another crisis were to occur, Johnson & Johnson would handle the situation with their values in mind.

Our Credo. (2018, December 14). Retrieved February 19, 2020, from https://www.jnj.com/credo/

Student three:

As our textbook Anonymous (2015) mentions, an organization’s culture is the result of how the people in it behave in order to reach the goals of the organization. This consists of the interplay between an organization’s core beliefs, business principles it uses, the style of how the organization operates, ingrained attitudes, and the climate of the workplace. (BUSN620 Lecture Notes, n.d.) My own experience of corporate cultures includes one large government bureaucracy, a somewhat large corporate entity, and a large corporation.

The corporate culture of the government agency was rather officious and procedural when I was there in the early 2000s but at the same time standards were lax enough that many employees didn’t feel motivated to work very hard and/or were not given enough to do by their supervisors. While I worked for a micromanager who was demanding, most of the employees around me seemed bored, unmotivated, and had little to do. The culture was a bit toxic by bureaucratic neglect with a fair bit of backstabbing and a lot of office politics.

The somewhat large company I worked for was very different; the culture was more open and flexible. Standards were somewhat strict in that expectations for performance were clearly defined and enforced. It was challenging and stressful working under that regime but also rewarding in that I felt accomplished.

Finally, the division of the large corporation I work for now (itself formerly the separate somewhat large company mentioned above) has a set of upper and middle managers that really seem to care about the vision and mission of the organization and the people who work for it. In fact, I’ve had many positive interactions with our CEO, who is a very personable and engaged women. She is very active in supporting and attending events for our Employee Resource Groups, of which I’m a member of two, and in community support efforts like Habitat for Humanity and an annual clean-up of a section of a greenway our company has adopted. The culture is like a working family, which I really like.


Anonymous. (2015). Mastering Strategic Management. Publisher name withheld.

BUSN620. (n.d.). Week 7 Lecture Notes.

Student four:

John Coleman of the Harvard Business Journal notes that vision, values, practices, people, narrative, together make the six components of a great business culture (2013). The company I chose to look at this week is Nike. I worked at Nike throughout highschool and my first year of university. When we look at vision, we can think of a mission statement. While at Nike, the slogan that was used was ‘everybody is an athlete’. This looked to create a culture of inclusiveness. I would agree that Nike believed in this, as my coworkers came in all shapes, sizes, and ethnicity. Additionally, during the 2008 Olympics Nike made clothing for every single sport. When we look at Nike’s values, they were performance, innovation, and sustainability. Again, I saw much of this as the 2008 Olympics saw the launch of Lunarlon and Flyknit which checked both performance and innovation. Nike also launched a massive show recycling initiative around the same time and used old shoes to build playing surfaces. Nike had a bad rep in the early 1990s for their use of sweatshops. Again, during my time at Nike they continually made it clear that they used independant factories. They went further to create a book that contained all their factories that were used and the working conditions. If a factory did not make the cut, they were gone. Today this has turned into an interactive online map that can be checkout at the link below. The next characteristic is people. For this I would say the majority of people I worked with were great. Nike sponsored athletes also need to uphold a high standard, and I worked there during the Michael Vick dog fighting scandal. The company dropped him the next day, and I spent 6 hours repackaging footballs. Next is the company’s narrative. Nike continually highlighted their founders, Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman, and their first sponsored athlete, Steve Prefountain. These men were innovators on the track and in the boardroom, and nike continues to this day to spotlight the three men. The last major characteristic is place. Although I worked in a small factory outlet store, Nike prided themselves on their giant Nike Town stores. These were their flag ship stores, and I remember going to Nike Town NYC in highschool and was totally blown away. To take it further, Nike has become known for their popup stores that coincide with major events, such as the TTC (Toronto Transit) Air Jordan Popup bus during the NBA All-Star game in Toronto. When we look at the company today, I think overall the company continues to strive to do good. Nike has taken heat for their support for Colin Kapernick, which others praised. Meanwhile, the company pulled many products from Chinese shelves in June 2019 because their designer was pro Hong Kong (Toh, 2019). While I do not agree with this, I would not say the entire company’s values are tainted.


Coleman, J. (2017, November 28). Six Components of a Great Corporate Culture. Retrieved from https://hbr.org/2013/05/six-components-of-culture

Toh, M. (2019, June 27). Nike pulls products in China after designer sparks social media outrage. Retrieved from https://www.cnn.com/2019/06/27/business/nike-china…

UC Vast Mobile Computing Over The Last Decade Discussion


Chapter 14 – From the week’s chapter reading, we learn from the authors that, the use of mobile devices in our society today has indeed become ubiquitous. In addition, CTIA asserted that over 326 million mobile devices were in use within The United States as of December 2012 – an estimated growth of more than 100 percent penetration rate with users carrying more than one device with notable continues growth. From this research, it’s evident that mobile computing has vastly accelerated in popularity over the last decade due to several factors noted by the authors in our chapter reading.

Q1: In consideration with this revelation, identify and name these factors, and provide a brief discussion about them?

UCSD realm of biotechnology DNA isolation lab report


Wirte an introduction explaining the folloing concept with correct citations. In this experiment, mini-prep protocol was used to isolate the plasmid DNA from the bioluminescent clones. To confirm each colonies contains lux+, the isolated plasmid vector was digested with Sal I restriction enzyme and the digested DNA was analyzed using gel electrophoresis. Vector and insert DNA were digested. The restriction fragment luxAB was excised from the gel, purified, and inserted into a vector with ligation reactions. The subcloned DNA was then used to transform competent cells, and the clones was screened for target DNA. LuxA gene was amplified using different DNA sources as the template.Sequencing reactions using the plasmid DNA from luxAB colonies, lux- colonies, and lux+ colonies were performed to determine the sequence of each DNA sample.

Introduction for a Lab report, give background information on:

Plasmid DNA isolation

Retraction mapping


Colony hybridization

PCR (regular and fluorescent)

What is the purpose of each PCR component? Buffer – dNTP mix – Primers –DNA polymerase – DNA template –

What steps are programmed into a thermocycler for a PCR reaction? What is the purpose of each step? How is the annealing temperature determined? How is the length of time for primer extension determined?

Which lux operon genes encode proteins that catalyze the reaction responsible for bioluminescence? What is the function of the other lux operon genes?


How are sequencing reactions conducted? What are the necessary components for a sequencing reaction? Compare and contrast with PCR.

Acadia University PepsiCo CEO Activities Questions

Question Description

Can you help me understand this Computer Science question?

Provide an example of a semi-structured decision you make on a daily basis and explain what inputs would be necessary to provide assistance in making the decision. Build your own DSS using a spreadsheet that would help you make that decision.

MGT 324 King Abdulaziz University Culture and Ethical Standards Paper


Ethical standards are greatly affected by cultural factors”. In the light of the statement, give some suggestions to develop standardized set of ethical standard for industry. Do you believe that it is impossible to develop a standardized set of ethical standards for improving industry, or do you feel that cultural differences make universal ethical standards impractical and/or impossible?

Bowling Green State University Incident Response and Business Continuity Plan Essay


Project 4 Start Here

See scenario transcript


You have been hired by Greiblock Credit Union (GCU), a $5 billion financial services firm as a cybersecurity consultant. Based on your forensic expertise, they have contracted with you to develop a comprehensive incident response and business continuity plan for their organization.

There are four steps to this project. Your deliverable to GCU will consist of reviewing and synthesizing the analysis described in Steps 1–3 and, in Step 4, concluding by developing techniques that your manager, Yvonne, can share with the organization to ensure preparedness to handle any future network intrusions.

When you submit your project, your work will be evaluated using the competencies listed below. You can use the list below to self-check your work before submission.

  • 1.1: Organize document or presentation clearly in a manner that promotes understanding and meets the requirements of the assignment.
  • 1.2: Develop coherent paragraphs or points so that each is internally unified and so that each functions as part of the whole document or presentation.
  • 1.3: Provide sufficient, correctly cited support that substantiates the writer’s ideas.
  • 1.4: Tailor communications to the audience.
  • 1.5: Use sentence structure appropriate to the task, message and audience.
  • 1.6: Follow conventions of Standard Written English.
  • 1.7: Create neat and professional looking documents appropriate for the project or presentation.
  • 2.1: Identify and clearly explain the issue, question, or problem under critical consideration.
  • 2.2: Locate and access sufficient information to investigate the issue or problem.
  • 2.3: Evaluate the information in a logical and organized manner to determine its value and relevance to the problem.
  • 2.4: Consider and analyze information in context to the issue or problem.
  • 2.5: Develop well-reasoned ideas, conclusions or decisions, checking them against relevant criteria and benchmarks.
  • 5.2: Utilize Project Management principles in an investigation.
  • 5.3: Demonstrate the appropriate use of multiple digital forensic tools and techniques for imaging.
  • 5.5: Apply risk management principles to an investigation.
  • 6.1: Perform report creation, affidavit creation, and preparation to testify.
  • 6.2: Demonstrate ability to investigate mobile technology.
  • 6.3: Use forensic tools for investigation of multimedia technologies.
  • 6.4: Demonstrate the ability to gather file system evidence.
  • 6.5: Demonstrate the ability to perform forensic examination of the Windows Registry.
  • 6.6: Perform malware analysis.
  • 6.7: Access encrypted data or process data and systems that have been subjected to anti-forensics techniques.
  • 6.9: Employ ethics throughout the forensic investigation process.
  • 8.1: Employ ethics when planning and conducting forensic investigations, and when testifying in court.
  • 8.2: Incorporate international issues including culture and foreign language to plans for investigations.
  • 8.3: Create technical documentation associated with forensic investigations.
  • 8.4: Explain the professional. credentials, including certification, important for an expert witness in digital forensics.
  • 8.5: Incorporate Human Factors/Psychology.
  • 9.7: Evaluate Embedded Computers.

University of Phoenix Production Costs Memorandum


Purpose of Assignment 

The materials covered this week distinguish between the different costing methods and provides needed tools for decision making. This case study focuses on determining equivalent units in a production business setting


Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), U.S. Securities and Exchange Committee (SEC) 

Tutorial help on Excel and Word functions can be found on the Microsoft Office website. There are also additional tutorials via the web offering support for Office products. 

Assignment Steps

Scenario: Davis Skaros has recently been promoted to production manager. He has just started to receive various managerial reports, including the production cost report you prepared. It showed his department had 2,000 equivalent units in ending inventory. His department has had a history of not keeping enough inventory on hand to meet demand. He has come to you, very angry, and wants to know why you credited him with only 2,000 units when he knows he had at least twice that many on hand.

Prepare a maximum 700-word informal memo and explain to Mr. Skaros why his production cost report showed only 2,000 equivalent units in ending inventory. Using a professional tone, explain to him clearly why your report is accurate.

UCM Managerial issues of a Networked Organization Discussion


Research at least two articles on the topic of managerial issues of a networked organization. Write a brief synthesis and summary of the two articles. How are the topics of the two articles related? What information was relevant and why?

Reply to: here you go…Post1:The Network Management Framework and its evolution recognize the organizational issues identified with communications and networking systems. The article covers the introduction to an extraordinary issue, and in the finishing up segment, we give a short consolidation and present an investigation plan for what’s to come. In spite of the fact that the administration of the provider and client connections is in no way, shape or form another issue in promoting, it can also be known as an intriguing issue in both academic and business world, when inspected from a system point of view.  Networked organizations regularly discover in organizations that drive result improvement. (Dougall, 2008) Client benefit cool gadgets plus programming corporations properly – and quite often inside littler, younger groups whereby recommended boundaries usually are weaker.In second article, change management was key focus for the individuals that happen to be competent plus effective to produce their inclinations to promoting unreceptive issues conveying those to the back heel plus which makes them carry out the bidding-is definitely misleading, on the other hand altogether convincing. (Hixon, 1989) For the individuals who were battling for the authenticity involving promoting just as one current administration do the job, the validity and senior administration get to issues management can share is one area that messages authorities might locate. Network organizations have obvious downsides they need tight controls, they are suitable to misuse scale as well as accomplish big doing errands in comprehensive links, and so they rely on equipped along with convinced people at the working level. Nevertheless, corporations that can’t utilize the full method model is able to use suitable portions of the idea, as fresh product or service development groups. The decisions enacted to evaluate.In both articles, a networked organization and its administrative issues are elaborately discussed. The services and numerous other corporate and government associations in the state had failed to perceive the many ramifications of a developing populace of non-English speakers. In spite of the fact that not at fault for the passing’s, the utilities recognized the need to change their abilities to impart over language obstructions.References:Dougall, E. (2008). Issues Management. Institute for Public Relations.Hixon, T. (1989). Network Organizations. Boston Consulting GroupPost2:A networked organization refers to any workplace that does not have a lot of rules in place, or a very formal structure to things. A networked organization does things in a very informal environment, giving its employees all the flexibility they need. This kind of structure has its own advantages and disadvantages. Employees are much more inclined to put in an extra effort into getting things done when they are offered flexibility, especially because they get to prioritize things and organize stuff they have in their life in their own way. However, managing things in a networked organization is not going to be as easy as managing things in a traditional workplace. This is mainly because keeping tabs on employees is going to be difficult especially when they don’t have fixed times to work. The organization would have to figure out how they would account for their projects to their key shareholders, because they wouldn’t have any control over how or when their employees work on the project, or if they would be able to deliver work according to those set deadlines. One of the challenges that the management faces in a networked organization would be communication related. Communicating small or large news or updates to employees is extremely difficult especially when there are big changes in projects, and communicating them on time is essential to get things done before deadlines. In such cases, only practice makes perfect. Managers cannot master being a part of a networked organization in one day. They can only hope to try different things and learn along the way. Networked organizations depend heavily on socializing with their customers or even with their business counterparts digitally using social media like Facebook, which is why it is bound to be more successful with employees that are considerably younger.References:Satell, G. (2015, Jun 08). What Makes an Organization “Networked”? Retrieved fromhttps://hbr.org/2015/06/what-makes-an-organization-networkedRogers, D. (2011, Nov 08). The Rise of the Networked Organization. Retrieved from https://newsroom.cisco.com/feature-content?type=webcontent&articleId=530834(n.d.). Networked Organization. Retrieved from https://www.global-integration.com/glossary/networked-organization/

Discussion Questions


Question 1

Prompt: From a Christian worldview, what is greed?  Is greed just referring to money?  What other items could greed be referring to?

Requirement: 250 words minimum initial post, 100 words minimum reply

  • Question 2
  • Prompt: What is the difference between variable costs and fixed costs? What is an example of a variable cost?  Explain why this is a variable cost.  What is an example of a fixed cost?  Explain why this is a fixed cost.