Acaydia School of Aesthetics LLC Density Fluctuations in The Solar Wind Response


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Space weather is the study of how the space surrounding the Earth is affected by the sun’s violent activities such as coronal mass ejection, the influx of solar wind, and the eruption of a solar flare. If extremely high, these activities could paralyze GPS systems, electric power transmissions, and satellite communications. In order to prevent a catastrophic disaster, what would you suggest? For instance, do we have to invest more money into researching the sun’s activity?

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I could understand both sides to this question. Spending the money to help protect our assist in space that are world now operates on is important to the well being of every person the the planet. On the other hand, would we really be able to develop the technology to protect us from the suns violence? I do lean more toward the side of spending the money to try and better develop our equipment in space to be more hardy against solar flare and solar winds that cause damage from the sun. I also feel we should continue to learn about the suns activities and how they could effect our planet in the future.