Anamarc College – Santa Teresa Trigonometric Functions Discussion


There are two threaded discussion topics each week: Think and Answer and Open Forum.

Think and Answer requires you to answer two questions. For each question, do not simply provide an answer; make sure you explain how you arrived at that answer. Even if your reasoning is wrong, you will still be credited for participation.
Each weekly Think and Answer post(s) is worth 2% of your final grade.
Open Forum is a place for questions on homework, exams etc. Share the difficulties you encountered, and you will receive the instructor’s help. (Just ask specific questions, please!) If you can help your classmates, do it! This is highly appreciated.

Please write one or two paragraphs on each topic. Express your vision of the topic in your own words.

  1. Explain why trigonometric functions are periodic.
  2. Give an example of application of trigonometry to real life problems.