ARH 2050 FSU Abbey Church of St. Denis and Cathedral of St. James Comparative Essay


Comparison Essays (Choose Two from the provided document) & Thematic Essay (Choose One from the provided document)

For the Comparison Essays Questions:

•Compare/contrast the two works/sites listed in each questionbelow. 

•Make sure you address the question as well as the following four categories in your essay

-Form: (the formal elements of the works)

-Iconography: (the subject/content of the works)

-Context: (historical context as provided from lectures and/or readings)

-Concept: (concepts/key words related to the works)

•Answers should be at least 1-2 pages in length

For the Thematic Essay Question:

•Address the prompt below in relation to the material explored so far this semester

•Please refer to at least two works/sites drawn from lecture or section in your essay