ART 100 Introduction to Art History Discussion


ART &100


1. Problem: View the artist’s process and make selections based on particular categories.

Context: Get a better understanding of individual artists and their work by watching their creative process and listen to their explanations.

Process: View at least five of the artist videos from the ART:21 (Links to an external site.) series.

Many videos are up to 50 minutes long. You don’t need to watch the entire duration – only enough to become familiar with each artist, their work and the underlying themes in their work.

Select one artist for each of the following categories:

Most concerned with creativity

Most concerned with materials

Most concerned with process

Who surprised you the most?

Explain why you placed them in the categories you did. Be specific

2.Share your favorite ART:21 artist selection with another student.

Some things to share:

Why did you choose the artist? What makes them stand out over the others you watched?

Is the artist you chose to discuss:

Most concerned with creativity?

Most concerned with materials?

Most concerned with process?

Did this artist surprise you the most?

Share your artist selection and their ART:21 video with at least one other student and reply to at least one other student’s post by midnight Friday.

1 and 2 should be divided into two document