BCC 401 UOP The Serial Swatter Anti Swatting Policy Challenges Case Study Questions


Review “The Serial Swatter” from the University Library to learn about the phenomenon known as swatting.

Write at least 1,050 words in response to the following:

  • Identify any specific U.S. laws or policies that you think apply to this case.
  • Discuss whether the U.S. needs to create laws and policies specific to crime committed in cyberspace versus applying existing laws to punish cybercriminals.
  • Explain specific challenges the issue of swatting presents to the local criminal justice community and the international criminal justice community.
  • Examine the most effective ways to address the criminal justice shortcomings when it comes to stopping and punishing swatters. Do you feel the private sector has an obligation to help in reducing this problem as well? If so, what could be done in this area?