Description Part 1:  For this assignment, look at Grossmont College’s policy on Academic Integrity (Links to an external site.). You will do a short write-up of this website, using three different prompts with three different section headings.  The three prompts are as follows: New Things You Learned: What new information did you learn from reading […]

Description This assignment will provide you with an IT consultant experience to investigate a business process operation. For instance, a company encourages employees to work remotely and tries to identify a free or affordable application that enables all employees to communicate virtually. What are the IT options available to enable the team? You will think […]

War & Peace by Leo Tolstoy Paper

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Description a paper of approximately 2,000 words on a topic of your choice (approved by the instructor). The piece of literature to read is War & Peace by Leo Tolstoy The topic totals about is Society and Wealth and its significance this story You can find the book in the link below (You can just […]

Description Use the file I attached to Identify the theme that each artwork addresses.  e.g.: power and authority, religion, spirituality, character, virtues, political, social concerns, a historic event, an individual, etc.  Describe the significance that the theme holds for the artist.  Why did the artist choose to share his or her perspectives on this theme […]

Description 1. Determine the missing amounts. (where the boxes are) Total Manufacturing Costs Work in Process (January 1) Work in Process (December 31) Cost of Goods Manufactured (1) $enter total manufacturing costs amount in dollars $141,600$96,000$enter costs of goods sold amount in dollars  (2) $350,800$enter work in process amount in dollars $116,400$397,800 (3) $365,800$545,200$enter work […]

Description Final Paper Assignment The primary goal of your final assignment is to critically analyze the specific topic you have chosen regarding American national government. You have been preparing for this final assignment each week by constructing an Annotated Bibliography (Week 2) and a detailed outline of the Final Paper’s main points (Week 3) in […]

Description Ethical questions and dilemmas frequently occur during scientific research. Examining ethical issues and considering how you would approach the situation is a useful exercise in critical thinking. It will help you be a more critical and informed consumer of information. In this activity, you will describe an ethical issue that relates to the main […]

Question Description I’m working on a mathematics question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn. What is the minimum particle size that can be removed with 100% efficiency in a settling tank with an over flow rate of 1000 gpd/ft2 ? Assume T= 60°F and that the particles are spheres with specific […]