Brandeis University Altered State of Consciousness Critical Analysis


In the Ted Talk by Phil Borges “Psychosis or Spiritual Awakening” he critically compared the “Western” medical model for treating mental conditions with alternative or holistic models that have been beneficial for many throughout the globe, and back through history. Choose ONE of the following topics: 1) psychosocial change and transformation; 2) some element of cognitive anthropology, or, 3) altered states of consciousness. Critically analyze the topic you chose from perspectives that support the “Western” medical model, and perspectives that support alternative approaches. Do you see any possibility that alternative approaches to mental conditions could be productively integrated with mainstream “Western” medical practices? Explain your position on this.

cite three specific examples to support analyses: one from PPT, one from assigned readings, and one from assigned media, for a total of three.
Citation format: For PPT — (PPT); for readings (last name of author/s, page #); for media (title). You must put direct quotes in quotation marks followed by an intext citation, and for paraphrases, cite the source at the end of your paraphrase. Do not need to include a “Works Cited” or “References” section at the end of your essay, and do not use or cite any outside sources in your essay.

Cite the PPT, and Ted Talk by Phil Borges “Psychosis or Spiritual Awakening and one of the two articles