BUS 195 Health and Disability Income Insurance Strategy Questions

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1. Using the information on the ACA and health planning from the Financial Literacy in Practice feature in this chapter, what are some of the strategies that Ross can use to better prepare financially for the arrival of the twins?

2. How could Jamie Lee and Ross prepare for the birth of the twins with their existing PPO plan?

3. Jamie Lee and Ross learned that the hospital that they plan to use for the delivery is not a participating hospital. What will their financial responsibility be for the ticipating hospital expenses?

4. The doctor’s office has estimated the hospital expense for Jamie Lee and the babies’ deliv- ery, without complications, to be approximately $18,000. Based on their health insurance policy, how much would Jamie Lee and Ross owe for this out-of-network hospital stay?

5. Surprise! The babies arrived five weeks early, and Jamie Lee and Ross are the proud par- ents of triplets: two boys and a girl! Since the babies were preterm, they will need to spend a few extra days in the hospital for observation. How will Ross and Jamie Lee make provi- sions for adding the babies to their health insurance policy now that they have arrived?