BUS 517 Strayer University Matrix Project Structure Discussion


  • You are working with your Project Sponsor to decide on the optimal project management structure for an upcoming complex project that will involve over 100 members, similar to this project: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/digger/wp/2016/10/18/marriott-to-move-headquarters-to-downtown-bethesda/?utm_term=.721d2114db06.
    • The Sponsor believes that a dedicated project team structure will not work. He has the same concerns about this structure that the author has noted. You are confident that this structure or a matrix structure will work for the project. Describe how you will reassure him that either structure will be successful.
  • After posting your response, respond to at least one (1) of your classmates on their suggestions.
  • Student’s response:
  • When deciding which structure to use either would be fine for the project. If we decide to use a dedicated project structure, we will have advantages to work in smaller groups which will allow easier access to the experts for each group. We can get everyone together quicker if a problem should arise and resolve it even faster. Communication to make changes will be quicker and allow the team to function with the project objectives in mind, making it easier to close out projects. Since we are working in smaller silos, we will utilize the advantages of having multiple managers over the separate sectors to bridge the gap of any functional division. When working with individual department team managers, we will make sure that everyone knows the common goal. Communication is key when deciding to use this type of structure.If using the matrix structure, we know that we are using a combination of the project system and functional system. When working for a company that hires a project manager for a specific job, the employee will report to the project manager and the primary manager of the company. It will be important for the employee to following the correct procedure for reporting to the individual manager, unless the project manager were to become a permanent position then the employee will only have to report to the project manager. In an ideal matrix structure, the authority should flow horizontal as well as vertical. This can be achieved because you will have access to the experts within the organization. You can achieve greater success and be more efficient when choosing this type of structure, especially when evaluating the horizontal as well as the vertical matrix structure. The vertical flow can provide information from project to project and the horizontal flow can provide information from functional unit to functional unit. These are options to consider when choosing the type of structure for the organization using 100 members.