California State University Communications Essay


A detailed outline of your presentation with a list of references you used to research the topic (submit a
MS-Word document).
Presentation Topic:
You will research and present on the following topic: algorithmic bias in artificial intelligence systems.
You have a lot of flexibility as to how to approach the subject, but you need to present a coherent
message. Here are the key points you will need to address in your presentation:
• Briefly describe what is an artificial intelligence system.
• Identify some of the most common uses of artificial intelligence systems.
• Explain the causes of algorithmic bias.
• Explain how society can deal with algorithmic bias in AI systems.
As a starting point you may wish to view the documentary titled “Coded Bias” in Netflix which discusses
racial biases in racial recognition algorithms. Also, CNN Business published a related report titled “A
facial recognition match sent this innocent Black man to jail.”

(… )

You will be evaluated on how well you explain the topic based on your references. Your opinion is
valued but you need to support your presentation based on your review of the literature on the topic.