Central Michigan University Theatre in the United States Discussion


Module 12 Essay Response

Read the following American Theatre article, “Think About the Children: When Theatres Cross the Line” by Emma Halpern. In 500-1000 words, respond to the following:

  1. Summarize the main idea of this article.
  2. What reasons does the article give for why Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) in America faces more pushback regarding content than it may in other countries?
  3. Do you believe that TYA should be a “direct response to what is happening in the world,” or that TYA should allow “children to be children for as long as possible?”
  4. What challenging, or mature, content would you be interested to see portrayed in a TYA performance? Is there a “line” that TYA should not cross, or do you believe any subject can be approached in TYA?

Remember, your essay will be evaluated for both content and quality of writing. Your essay will be scored based on the following:

  • a central idea or thesis (1 point)
  • adequate support for that idea (1 point)
  • clear and logical organization (1 point)
  • awareness for the conventions of standard written English (1 point)
  • proper formatting (1 point)
  • quality of response to essay prompt (5 points)

Formatting: Please use: size twelve, Times New Roman, double-spaced text; one-inch margins; a heading including name, date, course title, instructor name, and word count; a title; and a works cited page. Please use MLA formatting for parenthetical citations and your works cited.

*please follow the rubric and I will provide the essay templet in order have an example of how the essay should be structured like and please watch the video that explains some requirements that need to be in the essay and info which will help you writing and structuring the essay