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I’m working on a Film exercise and need support.

Writing about film (Part 1)

Research as a Conversation

  1. If you had the choice between writing an essay about your favorite film (which you know everything about), or a newly released film that interests you very much (but that you obviously know nothing about), which one would you want to begin your research on?
  2. The favorite familiar film?
  3. The new release, unfamiliar film?
  4. Why?  What are the advantages and/or disadvantages when writing about an older film
  5. A new release?
  6. Where would you begin your research?
  7. In the past, how have you felt about researching for a paper?
  8. What obstacles did you face? What would you have done differently?
  9. Would you watch the film on a big screen with a proper sound system? 
  10. With other people? 
  11. Why or why not?