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Comparison and Contrast: Fahrenheit 451 Essay

The novels Fahrenheit 451, The Pedestrian by Ray Bradbury, and “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut have a wide range of similiarities and discrepancies in their portrayals of futuristic societies. One particular way how Fahrenheit 451 is comparable to The Pedestrian is that the main figures in both equally tales go by means of the sensation of loneliness and isolation in the modern society with out anyone by your side. In Fahrenheit 451, Montag felt very lonely and isolated mainly because he was not able to pursue a occupation and a life style he took pride in for the reason that he hardly ever acquired assist from his wife. It wasn’t just Montag either, the society spent far too much of its time within isolated, and if you ended up someone who refuses to uphold to the plan of a “perfect” society like Montag, then you too, ended up by yourself in the modern society of Fahrenheit 451.

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In The Pedestrian, the key character (Leonard Maze) experienced no person to accompany him or make really feel a lot more than what he did in that second of time. He was often unsatisfied of continually staying within the darkness, so he went outside the house for a stroll by himself each night in purchase to make himself really feel superior. Fahrenheit 451 is also very similar to “Harrison Bergeron” mainly because each societies have technology established up in a sort that men and women employ that is not incredibly wholesome and nicely for them. In “Harrison Bergeron,” the authorities made products that minimal people from contemplating what they did not want them to imagine and manufactured them fail to remember something critical they have been contemplating about so that all people was on the exact imagining level. This prevented individuals from turning into improved than 1 an additional since they couldn’t feel deeper and outside of other folks. In Fahrenheit 451, the television was applied as a weapon of mass destruction towards the men and women.

The tv which is also known as the parlor, makes it so that it minimizes the human mind into a mush, with the regularity pretty equivalent to oatmeal. This piece of technological know-how was bent towards trying to keep each and every individual’s intellect distracted and absent from intellctual activites by playing meaningless demonstrates that continues to go on which retains folks from having wise plenty of to imagine about why points are the way they are suitable now. The modern society has been fully eaten into very little but the televisions and media, that they have disregarded their appreciation of character and dosen’t trouble to go out and take a look at the globe past the silly issues their television and media supplies for them all the time. All citizens in both of those societies have grow to be founded to devote all of their time indoors. The authors of Fahrenheit 451, The Pedestrian, and “Harrison Bergeron” obtain a stage and exaggerate it in get for the audience to be able to see the consequence of these socities if a alter is not made.

On the opposite, a multitude of discrepancies can also be found during the novels of Fahrenheit 451, The Pedestrian, and “Harrison Bergeron.” A way how Fahrenheit 451 and “Harrison Bergeron” vary is that in “Harrison Bergeron,” the federal government has a motivation for most people to be just the similar in all areas which incorporates. No one should be smarter than 1 another, and no 1 is intended to look better than anybody(if so, they had to wear masks to hide it). The govt in Fahrenheit 451 also needs for anyone to be the identical in all areas. Having said that, they do not purposely test to make them hideous or control their considering so that they really don’t consider of a little something that they never want them to.

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