CSU Art Artist Statement Project


I chose to paint and the theme is Science. However, the theme is about the coronavirus pandemic

This project asks you to explore a “personal theme.”  You will create a work of art that reflects something that means something to you and create your own work of creative expression–a painting.

You must use correct terminology (look at past Power Points and the vocabulary) when explaining/analyzing your art work, in order to explain the various elements and principles of your work.  Make sure to analyze as many elements as possible but you must have at least 5

Write about yourself in the 3rd person as the “artist”

  1. Decide on your medium, topic, and issue.
  2. Create the product
  3. Write a  artist statement for your project. Give some background of the issue. Explain the artistic elements and principles in your piece (This should include the elements of whichever media you worked with that are important for conveying meaning in your piece).  Write about yourself in the 3rd person as the “artist”