Dominican University The Death Crawl Questions


Review the Goal Setting Theory of motivation diagram as follows.

Goal Setting Theory. Goal-setting theory has been the most researched, utilized, and established theory of work motivation. According to the <a href=goal setting theory, the source of motivation is the desire and intention to reach a goal. If individuals or teams find that their current performance is not achieving desired goals, they typically become motivated to increase effort or change their strategy. Goal-setting theory predicts that people will channel effort toward accomplishing their goals, which will in turn affect performance. There are necessary conditions that must be met to make goals effective in invoking motivation: (1) resources, (2) goal commitment, and (3) feedback on progress toward the goal.”>

Watch the following video clip on a death crawl scene from Facing the Giants. Then use the goal setting theory to analyze this video clip. Your analysis should touch upon each element of the goal setting theory: Goals, Feedback, Commitment (Participation, Coaching, and modeling, Self-efficacy), and Resources.

Death Crawl scene from Facing the Giants” class=”external youtubed” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>The Death Crawl scene from Facing the Giants

  1. How did the coach motivate the player and/or the team?
  2. Were any other motivation theories relevant in this scene?