Harrison Bergeron Essay

Equality in Harrison Bergeron Essay

In 2081 all people was equal and the very same. If you have been top-quality to anyone in any way theylimit you to make everyone equivalent in each individual way. In this culture if you adhere out from the crowdpeople get jealous and limit you and discriminate versus you. The figures in this uncommon Harrison, George, Hazel, and the handicapper general. The people are all equivalent and alsoknown as handicapped to limit the solid or rather folks to make anyone equal. Thehandicapper standard is in charge of maintaining absolutely everyone the exact. This story starts off off with Hazeland George seeing the ballerinas dance in an uncomfortable way mainly because they have to haveweights to limit them selves from getting also superior. Harrison is 14 and 7 feet tall and he is not joyful with currently being handicapped and disagrees withthe authorities.

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In the tale it says Harrison Bergeron, age fourteen, she reported in a gracklesquawk, has just escaped from jail, in which he was held on suspicion of plotting to overthrow thegovernment. He is a genius and an athlete, is underneath-handicapped, and really should be regarded asextremely unsafe (Vonnegut 2). If the authorities did not do this he would not be upset andcould be exceptional in his very own ways to everyone and can make him special. Harrison is in jailbecause he was planning to overthrow the government and thought of insane. He generally hasheavy weights to handicap him for staying better than other persons. He breaks out of jail andinstead of making use of violence to overthrow the governing administration he goes on television set, can take off his handicapsand dances with a very ballerina with her handicap off and gets shot by the handicap basic.

Hazel is the mother of Harrison that is not handicapped and she watches the ballerinas withGeorge on television set with each other. She is also mentally slow and simply cannot focus for really extended. In the story itstates Only, if I was Handicapper General, you know what I would do? Explained Hazel. Hazel wasa sturdy resemblance to the handicap typical, a lady named Diana Moon Glampers. If Iwas Diana Moon Glampers mentioned Hazel. I’d have chimes on Sunday” just chimes. Sort of inhonor of faith(Vonnegut 2). She is stating how she would like some sort of respect or honor in areligion. George is Harrison’s father and he has an smart mind so he was handicapped on thehead. In the story it claims And George, although his intelligence was way previously mentioned regular, had a littlemental handicap radio in his ear(Vonnegut 1). If the authorities didn’t do this he would behappy and and could be himself and would be in a position to use his mind for good and not be keptaway. George has a thing in his ear all the time so he does not believe to quick and disrupts histhinking with noises. He attempts to believe of items that will interfere with the federal government but theystop him with the headphones that he generally have to wear by law.

In conclusion the characters all depict some thing in human nature for case in point, Harrisonrepresents flexibility and the government doesn’t want that since they want everybody to beequal. Hazel and George are the example of the men and women that follows the regulations. They sit back anddon’t retaliate since they cannot do something about it.

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