Female Genital Mutilation and Male Circumcision Discussion


In complete sentences answer the following questions. Note the point value for each question and answer accordingly.

What is the difference between male and female circumcision? [2 pts]

Explain the four types of FGM. [6pts]

Do circumcision and FGM involve removal of erogenous tissue? Explain. [3]

For BOTH circumcision and FGM, explain each of the following justifications for the procedure. Provide brief details for each. [12 points]


Sexual benefits



Health benefits/hygiene

Social concerns/aesthetics

Considering the reasons for circumcision in question 4 – what, if any, are acceptable reasons for male circumcision? [3 pts]

If you are/want to be a parent, would you consider circumcising your son(s)? Explain why. [2 pts]

Is circumcision performed with or without consent of the child, person or adult performed on? Explain [2 pts]

If circumcision and FGM are performed at consent/request of parent – Do you think a parent/guardian has the right to make this type of decision? Why or why not? [2pts]

Are circumcision and FGM performed by an adult who is circumcised? Explain [2 pts]

How are the effects of FGM minimized by those who support it? [what was said in the documentaries] [2 pts]

Under what conditions are circumcision and FGM performed? What kind of tools, anesthesia, professional, celebrations? Refer to the differences in the documentaries/videos and discussed in class. Discuss for each circumcision and FGM, be thorough and detailed. [6 pts]

What are the long term psychological, emotional and/or mental effects of circumcision and FGM? [3 pts]

What long-term physical harm or debility can be caused by circumcision and FGM? [sex, intimacy, childbirth, etc.] [3 pts]

What is one country where FGM is performed? Does this country have laws prohibiting FGM? What is being done to prevent FGM? [2}

Use the AHA Foundation (ahafoundation) https://www.theahafoundation.org/ to answer the following:

What are current views, opinions, concerns, ideas, statistics, etc. regarding female genital mutilation? Be thorough and detailed (if you need, you can also use other website information for this question) [6 pts]

What are the current strengths and weaknesses of anti-FGM legislation in the U.S.? [4 pts]

Explain three recommendations to end FGM in the U.S.? Do you think these would work here – explain why? [6 pts]

What are your personal views on FGM and male circumcision? [4 pts]