Florida International University Human Trafficking Psychology Discussion


summarize and share your thoughts while reading Not For Sale. Share two stories that really made a difference and changed your thinking patterns about human trafficking. Explain. Please share if you read the entire book or not (This has to be in the body of your paper. If it is not, then I assume that you did not read the entire book.You need to say something like “Yes, I did read the entire book” so I will know.) There is an automatic 10 point deduction if you did not read the entire book. 

Please watch The Fields of Mudanand share your feelings and thoughts about this video. Think about the demand side of trafficking and detail and discuss some ways to halt the demand for sex trafficking.

Also, we know that trauma builds many effects. Discuss how sex trafficking creates trauma and why this would be important for social workers.

Watch the documentary The Dark Side of Chocolate. How did that make you feel while watching it? What were some of the surprising pieces in the film? Explain.