Florida International University Psychology Essay


A.    Define and discuss the international development based on this Ted talk and your own reading and research. and discuss where economy intersects with that.  Then,  please watch

Then,  please watch and please discuss what CED is, give some examples, and how it is an example of international development and why we need CED.

B.     Please discuss the differences between absolute and relative poverty and give examples of both. Discuss how the U.S. views poverty here in the states versus how other countries view poverty. When people think about aid and social service programs to other countries, many complain that “we shouldn’t be giving money to those countries, when we have people here in poverty.” Discuss where understanding the absolute and relative poverty pieces really discount that quote. Explain.

C.     Discuss the relationship and correlation between poverty and education in at least one paragraph and give specific examples. Then, in a separate paragraph, discuss the relationship and correlation between gender, poverty, and education and give specific examples of this from the Sernau readings.