GC Media Communication The In Between Discussion


Watch a movie of your choice: Compose a 5-8 slide Powerpoint Presentation discussing the theme/message of the movie:

What is the theme/message?  State the theme/message in a concise sentence or two. 

How obvious is the message, is it Neutral, Implicit or Explicit, cite examples to support your conclusions. 

What is the tone or attitude toward the subject?  Is the tone consistent or does it shift from scene to scene? 

Most importantly, how do the film techniques (images, editing, acting, dialogue, plot…) work together to deliver the message and tone?  Please think about all of the terms and techniques we learned this semester.  Describe specific examples of film techniques communicating themes and or contributing to the overall message.

Proofread your paper and ensure it is free of typos, grammar, spelling and syntax errors.

You can do it on Word document and I will all the PowerPoint.