GCU Texas and Missisippi State History Research Project Paper


State- Mississippi (live in Lexington, MS)

United States educational law requires that elementary or junior high students study their state’s history. Accelerated Christian Education has developed state history courses for Florida and Texas and now has available this helpful, guided information packet for all other states. By completing this state history project, your students will be able to fulfill their state’s requirements. As determined by the supervisor, completion of this state history packet at the 7th level may be optional for students if state studies are required and completed in fourth level.

This State History Research Project is a guided “hands-on” experience in research. The student should use the outline on page 3 as a topic guide and plan to spend some time at the local library perusing several books related to his state’s history. He may utilize encyclopedias, Internet resources, and other research materials. Not only will this state history project enhance the student’s understanding of his state heritage, but it will also help him develop a deeper appreciation for his home state.

The requirements for the State History Research Project are listed on the following pages. All work should be put into a portfolio or notebook and presented to the supervisor for evaluation. (A grading sheet is included with this packet.) The grade should be recorded on the Supervisor’s Progress Card, and the notebook saved for documentation of work completed. Evaluation of this notebook should be based on the following items: