Harvard University Competitive Advantage of A Business Paper


Your task

One way for a business to improve its competitive advantage is to innovate its core business model. Drawing on research and examples, explain the concept of a business model and how processes of innovation and entrepreneurship can help a business improve its competitive market position.  

Essay Notes:

This is a research assignment, so we want you to use academic resources from tools like the library databases to do your research and find credible academic sources to support your argument.  These academic sources are likely to provide you with what you need for the theoretical components of your essay.  

You might use non-academic or popular press sources to help you to find evidence and examples to illustrate the points that you make in your essay.


Your essay must use at least 5 sources (ideally more), and at least 3 of your minimum 5 sources must be from academic sources.  

The minimum five sources required for this assignment are IN ADDITION TO the resources we provide you in this course.

Finding your Sources

Some appropriate library databases for your academic research sources include (but are not limited to):

Business Source Premier

Google Scholar (Use the library access to avoid paying for articles found through this source)

Emerald Insight


Australia and New Zealand Reference Centre

ProQuest Business Databases

Structure of your essay

You must use an academic essay format.

This should include:

an introduction