HCCS Cost Benefit Analysis Paper


Students will author a cost-benet analysis that addresses Wisconsin’s “Safer at Home” policies. Emergency

Order 12, and subsequently Emergency Order 28, orders Wisconsinites to stay at home or in their place of

residence. It prohibits all non-essential activities and travel. There is currently a great deal of controversy

with respect to this order. There are medical experts and policymakers who argue that this is a public health

imperative that will save lives. At the same time, there is a growing contingent of citizens who argue that

the economic burden being imposed upon the broader public outweighs the benets that would be realized

by those who would become infected with COVID-19 were normal activities to resume. In the absence of

perfect information about both the present state of the world, not to mention the future, this is a vitally

important and unresolved research question that would benet from your insight.