HIMS 661 UMDC EHR Implementation Phase II Paper


Step 4: Monitoring and Controlling Scope Creep, time, tasks, budget, and quality.

The function of the project Monitoring and Controlling is to oversee the tasks and milestones to ensure that they are being completed on time and within the budget. Three important components of Project Monitoring and Control are: minimizing Scope Creep (addition of tasks when the project is in progress), maintain scheduled tasks on time, and keep the project within budget.

Your manager mentioned to you that Scope Creep results in both delay in project completion and hike in cost due to inflation and more work and advised you to ensure that the Scope Creep is either avoided or minimized, project tasks are completed on time and within the budget.

He asked you to list the measures you would adopt to accomplish this step successfully (hint: compare the completion of the scheduled tasks against the WBS in Gantt chart completed in step 1 to see  if any activity deviates from the schedule).

Paper:  Explain your rationale for the items above.  Support your discussion with references from the suggested articles provided below as well as other peer-reviewed research.

He referred you to following resources also.

Health Information Management: Concepts, Principles and Practice. 6th Ed: Chapter 26 – Project Management Constraints; pgs. 852-853.

Project Time Management Process Plan https://www.thebalancecareers.com/what-is-project-time-management-3879177

Project Monitoring & Controlling | 16 Best Practices for a Successful Project https://blog.masterofproject.com/project-monitoring-controlling-process/