HMD 454 UNLV How the Downtime Will Affect Other Concession Stands Paper


my part is only part 2! and I attached the files. one of them is part one and the other one is in class assignment 9 which might helps you. 

Congratulations! Your concession stand is open! Now, you have some planning to do to keep it running smoothly.

For the scope of this assignment, you will include:

  1. Create a contingency plan for what you will do if the point of sales system (Pos)  goes down. In class assignment #10 will entail creating a contingency plan and will have the elements you need to have in this section. Create three plans for:
    – 1-5 hour down time
    – 24 hour down time
    – Week long down time
    This section is worth 15 points.
  2. Discuss how you would communicate your contingency plan throughout the organization. Discuss each of these in detail.
    How will the downtime impact your customers? How will the downtime impact the ticket office at the stadium? How will the downtime impact other concession stands? What information needs to be communicated to these stakeholders? Write this section as 3 emails to these stakeholders (customers, the ticket office, and other concession stands). Vary your language to address the specific needs of each department.
    This section is worth 15 points