HMD 467 UNLV Hospitality Management COVID 19 Essay


this is a group assignment and I am doing number 6 that I bolded below. And I attached file that has some of my group’s work. Not everyone is finished but there are some people finished. 

COVID 19 (Coronavirus) Impact on Restaurant Industry (FOH & BOH): 

98 Points, Due April 17, 9:00 PM – Late submission will receive a zero

This assignment should be a minimum of seven pages, single spaced, written on the effects of Coronavirus on the SEVEN different segments (below) of the restaurant industry in Nevada. Each of the SEVEN segments should include all of the FOUR following areas:

  1. Financial impact (must use factual resources and numbers)
  2. The effects/impact on employment (currently and future). Must use actual numbers released by the government, state, county, city, etc.
  3. Why and how this segment is benefitting or hurting because of the virus
  4. Future trend and people’s behavior changes in regards to eating out, after this situation is all settled

The SEVEN segments are as follows. I suggest each manager complete 1 segment and combine all and submit as one report. 

**Please identify your section at the beginning of your report. 

Any of the managers who does not complete hers/his share, would receive a zero.

Points: 14 points/segment and equal points for all four components of each segment


  1. Small convenient stores (mostly with gas station) 
  2. Chain fast-food operations such as McDonalds and Burger Kings, … –
  3. Food operations with heavy focus on delivery (pizza, etc.) –
  4. Casual dining restaurants including mom and pop operations – 
  5. Independent Fine dining restaurants (outside of casinos) – 
  6. Food and beverage operations inside casinos – 
  7. The food supply chain (producer to consumer) –