Holocaust: Evil and Barbaric Genocide Essay

  • October 13, 2021/

 There will always be people who to choose to disregard or downplay tragic occurrences, and the holocaust is no different, despite the multitude of evidence. Holocaust denial is a serious and racist issue that remains prevalent today, and describes multiple and incorrect beliefs on what happened; it includes minimizing the number of victim’s deaths, claiming that the Final Solution culminated in Nazis deporting the Jews without killing them, that the gas chambers were not used for execution but delousing, and that the Jews died of disease or were casualties of war, just to name a few. Many Holocaust deniers operate under the guise of historical revisionism, but the method of Holocaust deniers are faulty and differ from actual historians. Holocaust denial is without a doubt completely wrong, inaccurate, and anti-Semitic. The various testimonies of survivors, Nazis, and Allied soldiers who liberated the concentration camps, not to mention the undeniable evidence, are testament to what happened during the Holocaust. Holocaust denial is used as another tool with which to hate Jewish people, and by minimizing the pain and suffering of the victims of the Holocaust, Holocaust deniers are effectively continuing the hate that has persisted against the Jewish community for centuries.

The results of the Holocaust are absolutely devastating. After the liberation of the concentration camps upon the victory of the Allied powers, millions of Holocaust survivors and refugees still could not return home, due to the anti-semitism that was still rampant. They lost their families, belongings, and suffered tremendously from trauma. Those who tried to emigrate to the west lived in displaced persons camps where they remained for years, and some were turned away at the borders of multiple countries . Numerous people advocated for an exodus to Palestine, where they could form a safe haven and an independent Jewish state, but were still turned away. However, Israel was eventually established on May 14, 1948. The Holocaust not only decimated the European Jewish population, but affected them for the rest of their lives. The number of victims of the Holocaust has not been definitively proven, because it was never properly recorded, and what records were kept had been destroyed by the Nazis prior to their loss. With that being said, most estimates place the total victims combined as low as 6 million and as high as 20 million.

In the end, the Holocaust was an evil, methodical, deliberate, and completely barbaric genocide that ended and destroyed the lives of millions of people. The Nazi party, including Adolf Hitler, capitalized on the anger of the German people in order to facilitate hatred for the Jewish people, amongst others. Through established law, they identified and then removed Jewish people and other victims from their homes, and transported them to concentration camps. Evil within the concentration camps knew no bounds, and millions of people were killed, living the remainder of their life in fear and agony. The Nazis dehumanized their victims and acted with infinite cruelty. The Holocaust must never be forgotten, and stands as a reminder to the unparalleled malevolence that human beings are capable of.