Humber College Social Cohesion and Organic Solidarity Discussion


Explore a risk issue (environmental or health) from a sociological perspective. You may write on any topic not previously covered in lectures. You can build on a topic covered by exploring a focused issue like in the example below. It is highly recommended that you use a Canadian topic/issue.

The goal is to critically review the issue, 3000 words excluding references. Include a short section on the science, select a theoretical perspective to apply, and make observations on how a sociological approach can yield new insights into your case study.

Example: As rail traffic continues to grow through Kamloops, many people in affected areas are concerned about the increased levels of air pollution and coal dust in the city. Some of these individuals are beginning to develop collective responses including the formation of non-profit societies. Using resource mobilization theory, this paper demonstrates that such approaches may be effective under the following conditions… and that resource mobilization theory is helpful for the following reasons for understanding the issue …