KNE 390 University of Tasmania CAD Engineer ?Internship Report


I did the Internship in a Company in INDIA for 1 year, SO you have to write a Report that what Software I used in the Internship. Like Taking the Tenders and working on the AUTOCAD and all the Software you need to make a internship report where I had work under the company for 12 weeks. i did the work as a CAd engineer for there 1 year but you need to mention only 12 weeks placement. I work there on various software like Autocad, Revit, 3Ds Max, Stad Pro. Please understand the role of that software by searching the google where this software was used. This software was all about planning of a house, create the plan say for eg. what’s the dimension of the room, kitchen area and so on. You can also say I taught the software to the students, preparing plans of the projects like buildings, taking contracts, and so on. This is a little information which I provide you, but you need to explain all of the duties in detail.