Making a Recovery or Anesthetic Bed (Post-Operative Bed)

  • October 24, 2020/

I. Purpose
  1. To provide warmth and comfort for the patient.
  2. To provide protection for the bed.
  3. To arrange the bed and other furniture in order to facilitate the transfer of the patient from stretcher to bed.
II. Equipment
On the Bedside Table:
In the Room
  • Oxygen tank with complete
  • Tubbings, humidifier and nassal catheter
  • Suction apparatus
  • Stand
  • Drainage bottles
III. Procedure:
  1. Strip on the bed and turn the mattress.
  2. Make an ordinary bed with the top sheet untucked at the foot part. (If weather is cold, place bath blanket over the top sheet.) Fold back lop side of the sheet about 14 inches and the bottom side folded back even with the foot of the mattress.
  3. Fanfold together the top sheet and blanket towards the side away from the door.
  4. Place the small rubber sheet across the hood part of the bed.
  5. Place the bath towel over the small rubber sheet.
  6. Slip the pillowcase and put the pillow upright against the bars of the head of the bed.
  7. Put the hot water bags at the foot and center of the bed if the weather is cold.
  8. Place the necessary articles on the bedside table and the irrigating stand, suction machine and oxygen set-up adjacent to the bed.
  9. Arrange unit.