MTSU Business Plan Presentation


Theproject consists of formulating a lease document for a business on an airport (one of

the three airports that you researched in Project #2) to include the primary lease
document and all pertinent exhibits to the lease. Please use the following criteria for the

Q Choose one of the three airports you researched in Project #2

Q Create a business plan ( 3 page minimum ) for your proposed business
(FBO, Flight School, etc..) at the airport you have selected

Q Compile a lease document between your business and the Airport Authority

Q You may use the lease document provided to you or another lease at your

Q Include the Minimum Standards as an exhibit if applicable

Q The Minimum lease area is as follows:

o 2 hangars totaling not less than 50,000 sq. ft.

o Improved land – Minimum 2 acres

o Unimproved Land – 20,000 sq. ft.

Q Include a lease exhibit which shows the physical layout of your business, i.e.
hangar, ramp area, auto parking, office, grass areas, etc… (Note- be sure to
configure your lease area to at least the minimums described above)

Q Research any information you can find on the characteristics of the airport you
have selected that might affect the lease provisions – Use as much accurate
information as possible

Q Include airport website link (reference) in your presentation

Q Establish a lease rate page (exhibit) for all areas of the lease ( office space –
price per square foot, Hangar space – price per square foot, Ramp area – price
per square foot, Unimproved land – price per square foot ) – Include a total
annual lease amount.

I uploaded examples for the project

Is will be like the final project business plan and the other examples look over it to understand more