MUCO Deforestation and Pollution Issues in Canyan Islands Presentation


Purpose: You will create a Sustainable Campaign and Action Plan – choose a client (and community/area) to educate and suggest action steps to take! This will tie together information from all units in this class and provide students with a real-world application of content.

Scenario: You are a sustainability consultant and want to improve the community in your chosen area (also choose a “client” or an audience to advise, like a school, hospital, business, or neighborhood)
You can choose a local area or some other area you care about!!! ex. Marshall Islands, Florida, Belize, the Amazon Rainforest, etc.

Format: This will be a 10-15 slide PPT or Google Slide presentation (APA Style, with separate title and reference slides)


[1] Find a dramatic picture/photo/painting to use as the visual face of your campaign. This should also connect culturally with your audience and the community!
[2] You will research environmental issues and causes – and collect data and stats!!
[3] Educate your client on why going sustainable is worth it
[4] Create a 10-step action plan that people can take to help address those issues (at the local, individual, or governmental levels)
[5] Include 3 examples of how your suggestions were implemented somewhere else

>>> Refer to the attached final project handout!