New York University Media Analysis Advertisement Report


As you discovered during week three’s lecture, The Super Bowl is as much about the advertisements as it is the game. Consequently, for this “Media-Analysis – Super Bowl 2021 Advertisement” assignment, you are required to conduct a one-page (single-spaced) analysis of two (2) advertisements showcased during the 2021 Super Bowl. Students can exceed the required page limit by one-page only, if needed.

In this comparative media analysis, you should address the following questions and consider the sociopolitical ramifications of the selected advertisements (including, but not limited to representations of issues of difference, minority communities, and stereotypical depictions and behaviors). Overall, you should analyze two (2) advertisements individually and comparatively.

Describe each advertisement individually, detailing the company, the brand/product, and its overall message.
1. In your opinion, what was the target market and how was this market shown in each advertisement? Describe the demographic characteristics you think the advertisement targeted. Explain your logic.
2. Explain why you think the advertiser targeted this group and chose the Super Bowl to do so. Do you think this advertisement was effective at gaining the attention of the target audience? Explain why or why not.
3. What particularly did you like or dislike about the advertisement? Explain.
Were there any media stereotypes or problematic images/messages present in the advertisement(s)? If so, provide specific examples and consider how the advertisement(s) might contribute to greater misconceptions of the highlighted communities and/or targeted audiences?
4. What similarities and/or differences did you discover between the two advertisements? Provide specific examples and consider the advertisements’ messages comparatively.