New York University Platform Capitalism Social Science Essay


In this assessment, you will research and compose a 1,200 to 1,500-word essay on weekly topics covered that uses data, and critical theory, to support argument or subvert existing public opinion. 

Topics covered will include: 

Platform Capitalism 

The Quantified Self


Gaming Data & Metrics

  • Hacker Theory
  • Data Feminism
  • What does ‘platform capitalism’ tell us about data culture today? Choose three platforms to analyse and give evidence to your argument. 
  • Is the ‘quantified self’ movement the ultimate expression of neoliberal subjectivity? Why? Why not? Argue your case with evidence.  
  • Is privacy a human right or a commodity? Your answer should consider explicit and inexplicit data collection in our lives today. 
  • Gamification has been described as a positive way of engaging groups of people, yet it has also been critiqued as a new form of surveillance. Argue your case with reference to education, shopping, or workplaces. 

In 2015, Evgeny Morozov described platform capitalists as “parasitic: feeding off existing social and economic relations”. Is the negativity of this view justified?

  • Why does data science need feminism?  

Does hacker subculture contribute to social progress? Answer with reference to hacker ethics.