OT 513 Achieving Guffaw Laughter Essay

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What: Watch or participate in something funny. Please do something for at least 30 minutes to treat yourself to this technique’s best benefits. Suggestions include watching a movie, watching a number of SNL episodes, watching “College Humor” on Netflix —- you get the idea. Then write a 350-500-word reflection on the topic. Reflect on why you chose your activity and why? Did it work? How do you feel, both physically and emotionally, after the experience?

Purpose: To achieve “guffaw” laughter, the kind of deep tummy-shaking laughter that is associated with decreased stress levels. Once achieved, this assignment asks you to mindfully reflect on how humor felt, and whether it impacted your stress or anxiety. If so, how did it impact? What did it feel like? Is this something that you do anyway? Would you use it going forward?