Paine College Behavioral Rehearsal Discussion


Note that there is an interesting phenomenon that when I describe a physiological experience to a listener, the listener participates in that physiological experience….once rapport has been established!  So, in other words, after obtaining rapport with another individual, and I say something like, “Breathing becomes deep and natural.  Long slow inhalation.  Deep.  A momentary pause.  A letting go as the breath falls out of the lungs.  Once again, breathing deep and natural.”  The person listening will begin to breathe deep.  And this “causes” a sense of relaxation.  

Play around with that, experiment with that by creating a story in which you create a main character who is similar to the listener.  Then after you reflect a “problem” that the main character and the listener have in common, walk the main character thru the process of Behavioral Rehearsal, emphasizing the physiological experiences that are expected with the desired behavior, i.e.  relaxation = soft muscles, deep breathing and stillness,; love & connected = expanding warmth, rosy color to the cheeks as blood rises to the surface in a blush; confidence = standing erect and tall, chest forward.  Then conduct a therapeutic storytelling session with your partner in which you read the story and watch for the desired physiological experiences to be observed in your listener.  Do they visibly relax and breathe deeper?  Do they have rosy cheeks?  Do they stand straighter? as they listen?