Harrison Bergeron Essay

Repressive Society in Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut Essay

The yr is 2081, the addition of the 211th, 212 and 213 amendments to the Constitution can make everyone “equal”, George and Hazel Bergeron have a little one named Harrison, Harrison is taken away from them when Harrison is 14. George has a radio in his ear mainly because of his over ordinary intelligence when Hazel has no handicap due to the fact she would be regarded as common by Harrison, nevertheless, has numerous handicaps mainly because in the story he is thought of a “… a genius, an athlete, is beneath-handicapped”

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In the story, Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut Jr, the govt handicaps people whom they assume are over ordinary, so they handicap them to make them equal. For Instance, “It was then that the Bergerons’ tv tube burned out. Hazel turned to remark about the blackout to George. But George had gone out into the kitchen for a can of bear. George arrived again in with the beer, then paused whilst a handicap signal shook him up. and then he sat down again”(quote is taken from the story)The evidence reveals the reader that the authorities controls the thoughts of its citizens since immediately after the death of Harrison and the ballerina is proven on tv, the radio handicap went off, disrupting the people’s capacity to consider. Like George Bergeron. It seems to the reader that the govt can make certain that it has management above its citizens so that they do not recall the dying of Harrison and the ballerina. In the scene wherever George’s handicaps are explained, Kurt Vonnegut works by using description to clearly show the reader how the federal government handicaps George so he is “equal” to absolutely everyone else. This connects to the theme that as a result of the use of actual physical and psychological handicaps the governing administration seeks to attain full equality all over its citizens, having said that, this only triggers a lot more troubles than it solves.

The government handicaps its citizens so all people is regarded “Equal”. For Instance, “Hazel experienced properly regular intelligence, which meant she could not feel about nearly anything other than in brief bursts. And George, even though his intelligence was way earlier mentioned ordinary, experienced a tiny psychological handicap radio in his ear. He was needed by law to have on it at all periods. It was tuned to a federal government transmitter. Each individual 20 seconds or so, the transmitter would close out some sharp noise to retain people like George from getting unfair rewards of their brains.”(quotation is taken from the story). In the scene, it points out that Hazel is considered “average” so she does not need any physical or psychological handicaps. Whilst George, on the other hand, does have a psychological handicap since “…his intelligence was way earlier mentioned standard,”(quotation is taken from the tale) so he is required by law to wear it at all instances. This shows that the government acknowledges George’s previously mentioned normal intelligence so to make certain he stays in line with many others, the government tortures him by forcing him to put on a mental handicap at all times. Kurt Vonnegut employs the description of his characters to describe how Hazel is not handicapped but George is handicapped. This connects to the theme that through the use of bodily and psychological handicaps the authorities seeks to attain overall equality all over its citizens, nevertheless, this only results in extra problems than it solves.

The authorities need to not have full manage in excess of its citizens. While just one could current the argument that the govt need to not have complete management above its citizens, but nonetheless they’re naive strategies of considering may perhaps forget about that in the tale, it says “Hazel experienced beautifully regular intelligence, which intended she could not consider about just about anything except in limited bursts. And George, although his intelligence was way higher than standard, had a minor mental handicap radio in his ear. He was needed by legislation to have on it at all periods. It was tuned to a government transmitter. Just about every twenty seconds or so, the transmitter would ship out some sharp sounds to continue to keep people today like George from taking unfair gain of their brains”(quotation is taken from the textual content this implies that the govt does not have complete control above Hazel.

As a result of the use of physical and mental handicaps the govt seeks to attain total equality all over its citizens, on the other hand, this only will cause much more challenges than it solves. Soon after Harrison and the ballerina are killed on Television set, the federal government sets of the radio handicapped so individuals cannot try to remember the dying of Harrison and the ballerina. Obtaining complete handle over culture is unhealthy for the people.

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