SDSU Linder Parker Memorial Lecture with Sarah Whitt Journal


you don’t have to attend the whole even i have attached a document with the summary and important quotes form the even

To receive extra credit for attending an event, you must meet all of the following requirements for each extra credit opportunity:

3) write one 300 word (minimum) journal entry describing the event in detail and reflecting on what you learned from the event

4) in your journal entry, also analyze how the event specifically connects to learning materials from at least one of our Modules, as well as how it connects to at least one of our key terms from the semester.

the event connect to learning materials from model 4 were we learned about boarding school and the horrific event that took place back then. The key term that this event connect to is “assimilation”

The policy of assimilation was an attempt to destroy traditional Indian cultural identities. Many historians have argued that the U.S. government believed that if American Indians did not adopt European-American culture they would become extinct as a people.…

here are some materials from Model 4: