Should the Origin of Life Be Taught in Evolution Discussion Questions


1) How should (or should not) evolution be taught in American high school biology classes?  Should alternative ideas such as creation science or creationist views from other (>1) religions be presented?  Give me your honest thoughts (no wrong answers) 100 words.

2) Should the origin of life be taught in Evolution? (I did not cover this concept, how life arose- abiogenesis, but many instructors cover this. – Look up the Miller-Urey experiment.   Why would this be applicable to teaching the origin of life? 


Name an important idea/concept you learned in this class and explain why it is important (don’t just define it) 50 words. (for example, a broad concept you may not have known about before this class, such as using heterozygosity to map migration, or genetic drift or mimicry) choose 4 of the following,and each one should be wordsHardy-Weinberg equilibriumPhenotypic varianceCambrian ExplosionParallel evolutionPhylogenetic treeHomologous charactersDescent with modificationArtificial SelectionBottleneck effectBiological Species conceptPhylogenetic species concept