Strayer University Software Product Discussion


Respond to the following:

Imagine you are leading a team of designers for a new software product. During the kickoff meeting, the team starts to discuss design guidelines. About half of the team complains that guidelines can be too specific, incomplete, hard to apply, and sometimes wrong. The other half feels that building on experience from design leaders contributes to steady improvements. Take a stance on this debate and support your position. Then discuss how you would solve this conflict to get your meeting back on track.

Please respond to student’s comment below:

I believe that the team should lean on experience from design leaders and make trade-offs when making design guideline decisions. I suggest the team follow “The Golden Rules of User Interface Design, by Mandel” as a way to get back on track with the kickoff meeting about designing guidelines. The team should determine which principles are most important and applicable for the systems and then use these as principles to establish guidelines and determine design decisions.