SU Philosophy Theological Ideas In Light Of Peace And Conflict Studies

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SLO5: Probe the meaning of theological ideas in light of peace and conflict studies.

Students will prepare a 7-10 minute research-based video presentation on religion and (non) violence that examines theological ideas in light of peace and conflict studies. Perhaps the project examines a particular religious doctrine or practice through the lens of peace and conflict studies; or perhaps the presentation draws on theology and peace and conflict studies to reflect on an issue, movement, or conflict. There are many approaches you can take, so be creative. The video presentation must draw on 7-10 reliable scholarly sources. Embed a bibliography in the video or include a bibliography that can be posted with the video. Use the Chicago Manual of Style (Notes-Bibliography System). Be sure you have all copyright permissions, and give proper credit for all information/images/videos/etc. Prepare the video for a general audience on YouTube. Use an MOV, MP4, or WEBM video format, or share a Vimeo/YouTube/cloud link. The video may be posted (with your permission) through LMU Peace and Justice Studies social media.