UCD History The Five Sexes Essay


For this assignment, chooseone of the readings from lecture packets 2 to 4. [see notes below the prompt for advice on choosing] Clearly label each step of your response on the ‘paper’ that you hand in.

1) Pick out the argument / thesis of the reading you have chosen (what is the big point the author wants to get across to the reader?) State the author’s thesis *clearly & concisely* in one sentence.

2) Identify the points that the scholar addressed in order to prove their main argument. *This is NOT the same as evidence*; you will identify that below. The points answer questions that a *reasonable, well-informed* person would ask to understand & accept the author’s thesis.

3) *Briefly* state the evidence that the scholar uses to prove each of their points. Be clear about which evidence was used to support which point.

This paper will *not* be formatted as an essay. I want you to clearly (& succinctly) demonstrate that you understand each stage, so *label* your answers in a manner that will make it easy for your grader to understand immediately what you are saying. You cannot communicate effectively if your reader either cannot tell what you are saying, or if they have to put substantial effort into figuring out what you mean.

choosing a reading:

  • The Fausto-Sterling pieces were written for a non-specialist audience; one of these will probably be the easiest to work with if this sort of process is new to you.
  • The Kuriyama reading includes 2 chapters; you should choose one or the other, not both.
  • We will not ‘officially’ have covered the Oyewumi chapter, but the author’s point is reasonably clear. Choose this one if you want more of a challenge.