UMCP Unity Principles of Design Discussion


Art Activity: Unity

Watch the video above for another perspective and further explanation of the principal of unity.

When an artist unifies a design, he or she places elements with similar characteristics into a visual relationship. The simple act of organizing your desk can create unity in the visual space of your desktop. Even making a list is a way of creating a visual unity that helps to organize information.

For this activity, collect any 10 small objects of varying shape and color that will fit in the palm of your hand. On a clean sheet of white paper, lay these objects out in a way that seems regulated and harmonious.

At the bottom of the page, clearly write your name. Photograph the sheet of paper with the objects on it. Any type of camera can be used, including a phone camera. Upload the image here. It is due by Sunday, 2/27 by 11:59pm.

In the comments for your submission, write some sentences answering these three questions: What kind of system did you use? How does the new context change how you see or think about some of these items? Are there items that would have worked better in your set-up, but unfortunately weren’t available?