UNCG History Paper


This history instructor is very dorky but very easy to get along with. He said not to concentrate so much on the number of pages but to do good work. He said that he added the number of pages because in the past students wouldn’t submit hardly anything.

I am attaching all the past PSA’s that you have done to incorporate the one’s you want to.

1. A 1 1/2 to 2 page (single-spaced, Times New Roman) introduction in which you identify the important themes throughout the entire course and how they were argued/conveyed to you. This will require you to discuss the course broadly and also cite and reference primary and secondary sources (lecture/videos, etc). You need to be specific in what you identify. There are at least eight themes in this course, you should make an effort to mention and dissect five of them.

2. You will identify a specific unit/module (excluding Module 1 and Module 12) that you feel did not work within the context of the course. Maybe you feel the topic didn’t fit time-wise, or maybe the topic could have been merged with another week, or maybe the theme was fine, but the source material did not reflect the theme, or maybe you feel that there was another topic/theme not discussed much (or at all) in the course and you’d want to replace it. Identify this unit/module and write a 1 page (single-spaced, etc) argument why you would eliminate it from the course. Your writing should incorporate the source material in that unit and others if appropriate.

3. After you’ve selected the unit/module you wish to eliminate (or heavily redesign) you need to construct its replacement. In 2 pages (single-spaced, etc), you will come up with a unit title, an overarching theme or themes, at least one Big Question that could be used for discussion, and at least three primary sources that argue and support your unit (what your theoretical students would read, essentially). In this part of your paper you need to explain why this unit works within the context of the course, why it was placed in a specific sequence (where the unit sits among the other units), and why you picked the sources you picked and how they will argue/prove/convey the theme/topic to the students. You may incorporate secondary sources (such as documentaries, Crash Course-like videos, present-day newspapers, or the work of historians) if you wish, but these are not required and if you do incorporate them you only have to explain how they will be helpful, you don’t need to do anything fancy with them.

This section will require you to incorporate a lot of your PSA work in the sense that you’ll need to describe these new sources, inform me of their biases/reliability, and argue what the students will get out of them. You don’t need to submit a traditional PSA, but you do need to blend these analytical points in your paper.

4. Lastly, submit a 1 page sample of what this syllabus unit would look like. That is to say, submit this page like it’s been cut out of the syllabus and I can see how its laid out.