University of London Conveyor Belt Phenomenon Discussion

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Questions:1. Provide an explanation of the conveyer belt phenomenon as illustrated through the Holsteiner al (2016) chapters. Include in your explanation what you have learned about• the power imbalances between athletes and decision-makers at the youth, college,and pro levels that shape the pipeline of experiences of pro athletes (i.e., explaininfantilization)• how those power imbalances culminate in the issues around athletes’ transition outof sport (i.e., explain anomie and other transition/retirement issues)*300 word minimum2. Explain the finance structures in professional sport and enrichment through franchiseownership. In other words, explain how owners build and sustain their wealth around a profranchise.• Include in your explanation the tax and structural benefits (i.e., monopolistic, monopsonistic, and cartel-like set up of U.S. pro s