University of Maryland Global Phase II EHR Project Execution and Closing Case Study


Step 1: Work Breakdown Structures and Milestones  

Your manager asked you to list all the tasks needed to be performed in this phase through the Work Breakdown Structures (WBS), a diagrammatic representation of the project tasks to be undertaken in sequence (in case of task dependency) or simultaneously. Besides listing the individual tasks shown in steps 2-6 below, assign time to each activity. Your manager further advised you to list Project milestones or yardsticks to monitor the project progress whether the project is on schedule, early or late. He also indicated his preference for using Gantt chart to schedule the tasks and their durations, tasks dependency as well as the milestones being the most common IT/EHR project management tool.

Paper:  Explain your rationale for the items above.  Support your discussion with references from the suggested articles provided below as well as other peer-reviewed research.  Put charts in an appendix.

Your manager also advised you to consult the following resources for help.

Health Information Management: Concepts, Principles and Practice. 6th Ed: Chapter 26 – Project Management; pgs. 870 (Planning)-873.

A Beginner-Friendly Guide to Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)

Work Breakdown Structures WorkBreakdownStructure.doc ( 

Due DateMay 31, 2022 11:59 PM